practice.. 2023 Jul 9 Sun.. travel and song

11am.. brunch?
That's what I said on my way out the door and ended up at my red headed girlfriend Wendy's, where I had a burger and chili.

2pm.. Thermopolis revisit
We picked up Kayden yesterday and wandered back to Thermopolis this afternoon. I swam a lot. at least a half hour and then rolled around the area even longer. We stopped at a few places and I got out and rolled around more. This is on the dancing wheels that are now pretty much just for getting around with.

This is a good spot to talk about my wanderer · listener · storyteller identity aspects. Friendship is one area of being a listener and this was a perfect example of something that I wouldn't have given myself credit for under the 1000 words a day practice.

10pm.. building up a song book
Mostly I just copied lyrics and chords for the old funny Roger Miller song called You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd. Fun day, actually!