practice.. 2023 Jul 25 Tue.. literary rug

7pm.. literary rug
It was a nice one tonight. I told some little bit about how I grew up in the same small town from 1st grade to graduating from high school. I never really had bullies, and I think it's in part from meeting all the kids when we were so young. We got done in time for a writing prompt exercise where we talk about a character and how we would interact. Here's what I wrote..
"Am I scary?" he asked.

"Of course not!" I replied.
"aww.." he sighed.

I completely misunderstood his idea of the right answer. He was afraid of being too adorable. I was afraid of scaring kids or anyone so there was some fun catching up.

I had never considered this way of being. What if I was scary? What if I owned that and played with people? What if I went to church and made people deal with my awkward looks and ways of being? What if I went to open mic and demanded they let me play the piano? What if I talked my friends into selling me new arms at the Vaudeville show? What if I got used to all that and then tried it all again far away barely on the other side of the continent.
 I called it Rex and I.