practice.. 2023 Jul 7 Fri.. nothing seems right fright

9pm.. update the backup in

This was just a little slog game.. An activity I do instead of doing the thing I want to do because there is a thick slog surrounding the thing I actually want to do. It did give me an idea and that's here below.

10pm.. revisit a poem..

Watch below. You may recognize this poem from a week or so ago.

nothing seems right
and then there are days when no option seems right.
I try not to panic and wait for the night.
I can't pick just one, all these choices appear.
I don't know what to say.
I just wait out the day.
It's finally dark, only one option here..
I'll just go to bed and it soon will be light.
Tomorrow. I'll face it! I promise I might!

OK! I will say, and again. It's okay!
It's Fear! It's just Fear, here to mess up my day.
It takes over life! It is all I can feel.
I once faced such a fear
Scared that death was quite near.
I turned and I looked, though it seemed awf'ly real.
A tiny first step! Still the ultimate way
To prove Fear's a shadow and send it away.

yup.. That will do for a second stanza or verse or yeah.. ahh..