practice.. 2023 Jul 6 Thu.. just practice.. and a little homework

1pm.. just practice

I played along with the usual backing tracks in the key of G, and then in the key of A minor, still using the key of G harmonica. It still sounds pretty rough to me. It is getting better, though, so I'm going to keep at it for a while. I also found some information about music theory and the harmonica. I listened to a podcast episode with Howard Levy about being confident and keeping going in the middle of mistakes. There is more to learn. I will keep adding interesting notes I find as I go.

8pm.. physical activity missions?

I went looking for dinner at the casino and ended up playing a few more dollars down than I intended. I did walk quite a bit further than usual. I then topped off the physical activity missions with a long rolling stroll around Walmart. It's going to hurt just a little, but I will take it.