practice.. 2023 Jul 11 Tue.. harmonica and literary rug

morning.. breakfast and harmonica
After a stunning breakfast at Taco Bell I got the house to myself for a bit. I cranked up a playlist with all genres of music but all in the key of C. I played for some 30-45 minutes loudly and it didn't bother anyone. haha! No one has actually claimed it bothers them, I'm just shy when I'm trying new things.

3pm.. physical activity mission!
yup! My buddy Remington came over and we ran the Big Green Mountain Bike and the Little Yellow Turbo Trike over to a paved trail just west of the neighborhood. I have been thinking of trying that and it seems quite doable for getting myself to breakfast on a bike! Will I follow through and do that? hmm..

7pm.. literary rug
That's the poetry night thing at the Lander Art Center. I read the Nothing Seems Right poem I worked on here last week. I also got to tell the story where a witch cursed my hands after I killed her cat in a biking accident. Ask me.. I'll tell it to you sometime..