practice.. 2023 Jul 17 Mon.. a day

10am.. breakfast with Ken
That was just what it was. We ended up at Taco Bell and it was fine. I started watching Weird: the Al Yankovic Story.. as much a farce as any of his songs.. while Ken got ready for work. It was cheesy and funny. It also reminded me to just be myself.

2pm.. practice harmonica
I didn't record anything I spent a half hour or more working on playing in third position.. playing A minor songs with a key of G harmonica. Then, I played some key of D songs.. so the blues scale.. on the same key of G harmonica. The playlist I found had a lot of classic harmonica players. Once again, I was left with the feeling I haven't even been trying. Except there I was, trying to play along. haha!

11pm.. open mic!
While I write tonight, I'm listening in to the open mic up in Olympia at the Rhythms Coffee place. I'm missing all those people a little every time I peek in at them over the live stream they offer up on Instagram. It's been a good decent day!