practice.. 2023 Jul 18 Tue.. literary rug!

7pm.. literary rug
This was just the usual Literary Rug event we do every Tuesday. After the main event, we had a writing prompt and I came up with this little ode to my.. well guess, and I'll tell you at the end..

I sit waiting in the car
Most of the day every day.
I'm comfy and protected.
I come out when I'm needed.

Oh, those are the moments!
We vibe together singing out!
I like the sad songs.
I like the fast funny ones too.

I'm not magnetic, so I'm played in his hand.
I won't stick to the stand and can't join the band.
When I come out, it's to learn a new tune or
Lighten the burden of life and all that..

("all that" is a big paragraph!)

So yeah, I sit waiting in the car
Most of the day every day
I'm comfy and protected.
I'm happy when he needs me.

It's my little  Fender harmonica in the key of G. It doesn't have a stainless steel casing so it doesn't stick to my magnetic neck holder.

fender in G

Below was the stuff from the main event. I got my part recorded and now share it below. I split out the good parts. First, the story I practiced, then some thoughts on how I organize my life into parts or focuses that help me see if I'm staying balanced. The whole recording is the last link below. These are all audio files from a podcast where I just stash these little snippets on Spotify.

story.. let's get death

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full presentation