practice.. 2023 Aug 26 Sat.. jam session

10am.. jam session
One of the highlights of my week! We had a usual time.. haha! I'm always coming away with this feeling that I can try harder and I can get stuff prepared. I did tell the John Deer story as I'm calling it now.. with the butt knocking over a kid then taking out the rest of his family and I had to adopt.. haha!

noon.. lunch with Ken
Ken and Paul got to the Ichiban restaurant before I did. That was fine. Ken bought us all lunch. It was pretty good. I forgot to switch my fried rice for noodles. The fried rice is fine. I just find noodles easier to eat. haha! The rest of the day was pretty chill. Ken and I eventually went to the casino where I lost all the money I took out quite quickly. Ken did much better and gave me more money to keep me from getting bored until we both put it all back into the machines.. ugh.. haha!