practice.. 2023 Aug 24 Thu.. the rest of the tech stuff

morning.. slow and easy
That is all. I slept really well. Ken and I were at the casino.. deposit only.. until 3 am. I slept long and well. I got up around 11 or noon. I got up and watched Ken do some stuff in the yard and then we chilled in the living room. It was too late for him to go eat or anything. I just waited until he left for work.

afternoon.. lunch and tech stuff
I ended up at Taco John's for lunch and then I was close enough that I just went and hung out at the library. Having learned how to do it, I finished moving web site domains to the Cloudflare registrar.. and .com today. Once it was all working, I copied all the receipts and let the Story Guild people know that it was all done and we're registered for another year. I got some Wendy's on the way home and caught up on these silly entries.