practice.. 2023 Aug 13 Sun.. dance!

10am.. breakfast
I time up at David's house. I passed out in my car this time. It was lovely. I slept like a baby and just wandered inside a couple times. The last time, I did sleep a couple hours inside on the couch, then got up in time for breakfast.

noon.. dance!
We had more workshops then a dance at the fountain in downtown Olympia. I got sunburnt and that wasn't the worst thing.

5pm.. disaster!
I stuck around seconds too long and didn't get to the bathroom at Taco Bell in time.. ugh.. no more details. It all worked out and I'm only a little mortified.. haha!

7pm.. last dance
The dance weekend was officially over at the Medicine Creek Winery tonight. There was an after party which I sort of slept through.. haha! I did go inside, them passed out on David's couch.