practice.. 2023 Aug 23 Wed.. sustain and jam

afternoon.. arrange room
That was it.. I tried before I left to move my bed around so I could reach all the corners to make it and keep the sheets fixed up by myself. It's been bugging me that nothing quite worked except the bed after that.. The desk was taking up too much space and there was unusable open space just too small to set up the music keyboard. Today I fixed it.. I moved the clothes to the other space, then the desk in that corner and now the keyboard is all set up again. I just need to ask Ken to help me reach some cords and yeah.. woohoo!

6pm.. jam session
I couldn't quite drive fast enough and slept a lot last Wednesday, so I missed the jam session at the Holiday Inn in Riverton. Tonight I was back! We had a really good time. I had all the mic stuff set up nicely and got some good solos in, even. We were in the lobby outside the conference room where we usually play. It made for some technical difficulties that I didn't have to deal with. It was good to be back!