practice.. 2023 Aug 12 Sat.. everything

10am.. breakfast
I got to see Sandy again! Not much new since the couple days we last met. I woke up at David's house and did some wandering on the way to breakfast.

11am.. learning!
We had several dance workshops throughout the day. My favorite was about connecting with partners and not sticking forcefully to lead and follow roles. We had fun getting the basics of robot dancing, as well.

3pm.. dinner?
yes.. there is an intentional ❓ there.. haha! We all went to dinner at our friend Marya's house. It was beautiful. I ended up posted by the front door greeting people. I loved it. I got appetizers, then had to leave before dinner for the next thing on my separate list..

6pm.. Stories in the Park!
yup! Finally the actual event! It was a lovely evening and we didn't even get close to finished before the other group was done eating. I told my little version of the Three Little Pigs where Bubba Wolff was not as vicious as he is usually made out to be.

9pm.. dance!
Specifically, a.. Sexy Psychedelic Circus Dance. My outfit says everything about a lively lovely evening..