practice.. 2023 Sep 9 Sat.. jam session

10am.. jam session
This was a fun session. I played pretty well and felt good about the stuff I was trying. The low D harmonica has a flat note in the third octave root note. I'll get to open it up and check that out this week.

afternoon.. connect
I picked up Henry and we hung out for a bit, wandering through Walmart and then brought stuff into the house. Along with the groceries, we played around with the amplifier I picked up in Olympia on the last trip. It was quite fun seeing some of the possibilities for speaking, singing and harmonica noises. I liked it! After a while, we found Ken, who was helping mow his friend Greg's lawn. We all met up at More Burgers in Riverton and had a nice fun chat after out front on their patio set. I got Henry back home and all was good. We are likely heading to Colorado in the next couple days.

evening.. portfolio!
I played around more with this app that I found the other day. It's getting more and more useful as I add stuff to it. So far, adding stuff to it has been easy and things are working like I expect. I don't feel like I'm working around stupid ways things work in their system. I'll keep playing with it and I think I'll try to make do some of the same tricks either as a backup or to see how the phone works with both of the systems. The people want me to pay for the access to the app and other stuff. It's only $12 a month and I think I'll end up trying it out.