practice.. 2023 Sep 13 Wed.. jam session

9am.. alignment
Breakfast at Burger King.. The car is doing pretty good. I was wiped out. I stayed up playing and watching tv until Ken got home and yeah.. It was a long morning that ended with a lovely nap.

3pm.. remember the broken harmonica
I took apart my Low D harmonica because the third octave root note.. blow 7.. was flat. I got into fixing it and soon enough it was already time for the jam session tonight. I got it all the way apart and it looks like I have my first broken reed. It happens, I guess. haha!

7pm.. jam session
I was late, and I didn't have dinner, so I had a bowl of chili and skipped the fries they had there for dinner tonight. We were just about done when someone asked me to do one of my stories. I told the one about the guy that was just a head and tried getting married. They liked it! They requested a story! woot!