practice.. 2023 Sep 15 Fri.. ideas?

11am.. thinking
I'm missing some structure. I've been happy with the days of freedom to do anything. It doesn't help me find and follow up on new projects. I used to write 1000 words per day to consider all my options and things that have come up. It took up whole days at times and the work was enough to leave me feeling well accomplished for that day and I would often do nothing else that day. I'm feeling the same lately with these daily blog entries. I'm not feeling intentional about what I'm writing and working on. I'm just summarizing the days after. I don't know if it needs to change. I'm just noticing and thinking today.

One of the things I'm working on outside the blog is what I'm calling a song book. It's based on how I feel I learned how to play the piano as a teenager. I would simply head to church early with my dad who had meetings before the services started each Sunday morning. I would basically thumb through the hymnal and play each song I had learned so far. I would naturally be drawn to learn new songs and at the same time, I would be reviewing and practicing the ones I knew already. This blog was and still is a place to just post myself practicing stories and songs and jokes as I learn them and get ready for various events I'm attending. It's just part of a bigger system that includes the actual song book.. a database I'm building around the hymnal analogy. I'm including all my material. It's turning into something where I write like this each day.

This is the real thinking part. I'm up writing after thinking about how to write out all the thoughts of a couple days now. Each time I go to a jam session I feel like I could be doing more. I then don't do any more during the days between. It's fine. I'm just thinking about what a more intentional daily practice might look like. I can play with stuff and ideas. I'm thinking I can write more here about what I might intend to do and maybe still summarize at the end of the day how things went.