practice.. 2023 Sep 20 Wed.. jam session!

8am.. breakfast and play!
I'm struggling with gambling.. haha! It's not all that bad. I'm just making silly mistakes with money and it's stressing me out. Yesterday I stopped at the casino and found out they were doing something called $25 match play.. They gave me $25 of free play on my club card after I played $25 of bets on the slot machines. This morning, I went back because I found out they were offering $20 free play between 8 am and 2 pm. I like their breakfast and made a morning of it all. Over the last couple days, I doubled the $20 I started with. hmm.. That's actually just retrieving the $40 I pulled out the other night.. see? ugh.. I'm good.

6pm.. jam session
No stories tonight. I had a couple of decent solos. One of them that went really well was on a song I wasn't really ready to solo on. I decided to try anyway and it came out really nice. It's always a pleasure to play for hours with people who are fast becoming friends!