practice.. 2023 Nov 1 Wed.. jam session

   ☒ practice 
   ☐ portfolio 
   ☒ participate 
   ☐ learn 
   ☒ connect 
   ☒ renew 
   ☒ sustain 
   ☐ explore 
   ☒ play 

5pm.. dinner then jam session

I'm trying to think about all the stuff I might have worked on today. I mostly slept and watched movies. I got myself moving a little in the early afternoon to clean up a bit. I watched movies and napped and sort of wandered around on the internet a bit. Then I got to dinner at Taco Bell and headed to the Holiday Inn for the Wednesday jam session. woot! There were a couple things that I actually worked on.. we played You Ain't Going Nowhere and I also told the Ghost with Two Red Eyes story. It was just a great little jam session as usual!