practice.. 2023 Oct 31 Tue.. literary rug!

   ☒ practice 
   ☒ portfolio 
   ☒ participate 
   ☒ learn 
   ☒ connect 
   ☒ renew 
   ☒ sustain 
   ☐ explore 
   ☒ play 

11am.. breakfast ideas

Here's a thing.. I had some more ideas about the daily practices I'm working on. Over the last couple days to maybe almost a week, I've been working on this thought about a pomodoro timer.. officially 25 minute sessions and then a 5 minute break. Yesterday and this morning I kept working my way down a trail of thoughts about how the things I want to be doing are really conducive to the flow state, and I don't really want to stop myself if I'm doing some good work.. practicing a song.. writing a good part of a story.. things like that. I also mentioned yesterday that my personal flow state can be hijacked pretty easily.. It feels like I start out doing something useful and then I'm off into other stuff.. bleh..

I like this idea of the check boxes up above.. marking off which of my practices I touched on each day. It gives me a chance to account for and take credit for things I did that I don't necessarily mention here. It occurred to me today that I could also use those same boxes for balancing my day and the things I try doing. I could intentionally try checking off each box with a session. I'm not necessarily timing the sessions. I do like the intentional choosing of one task and practicing sticking with it for a while. There is some practice involved in keeping that focus.. I call that practice coming back.. or I did a while ago.. haha! When I'm not constrained by bosses or deadlines, it's easy to let myself wander from activity to activity throughout the day. This feeling of uselessness or waste then comes up at the end of the day when I realize it's literary rug day and I have no new stories or poems to share or it time for jam session and I'm still going to pass my turn when I could have had a song ready to suggest. I'll keep working on it. There's something in there about not being a brat to myself and only considering certain activities as "useful" or whatever. That was one nice thing about writing so long when I did 1000 words a day.. I eventually remembered or got to all the things I did each day. Even just writing that much was an accomplishment. I might just be thinking of ways to easily document the hour I spend fixing up a chord chart to a new song or even just playing the harmonica for a half hour mindlessly.. it's still practice and building up the portfolio.

7pm.. literary rug

I really love these nights. I ended up telling the nephew giving me his arms story and then I told the ghost with two red eyes story that Dad told all the time. It was pretty fun. It's easy to feel productive and good about these days when I'm out and about trying stuff in front of other people.