first sad arms


I got to tell a long story at the end of summer in 2021 when we were still doing zoom things. This open mic version was my first practice run of a story I tell all the time now about finding out my nephew was an organ donor.

back again?

I changed the ideas channel and blog to spaces to stash practice moments.. It's just a subtle mental shift for my own sanity. It also matches better how I actually grow my stories and other creations from trying them out again and again. Anyone paying attention will just notice I'm posting open mic videos, and other repetitive and hopefully iterative versions of jokes and stories and songs.. In the background, I'm taking notes and cleaning up ideas. Sometimes this process whittles an idea down into just a single sentence part of a bigger better story. It's my art.. watching these stories grow and shaping them gently. Each time I record one, it's like a snapshot of my little creation in this or that moment at this or that place among different audiences.

I have a backlog of recorded sets that I'll run through. That'll spike the statistics a certain way. I'm not worried. I just remember when I first started comedy I couldn't find anyone else just starting. It turns out no one wants to show their bumbling first attempts after they've gotten much better. I got called the "teaching uncle" once. I feel like it won't bother me to see and share the progress while I practice repeatedly creating little stories, jokes, and whatever other things come up.