practice.. 2023 Oct 30 Mon.. thinking and stuff

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all day.. thoughts again

I don't really have much to say about how the day went. I was thinking more about this idea of pomodoro sessions.. where I time the things I do. It got me thinking about how I do pause and intend to do some thing or another and then I find myself a couple hours later wondering where the day went. Some of the things I do are meant to or start out meaning to feel productive and useful after. I do get distracted easily and I get inhibited by feelings of reluctance to start on some of the big idea type of projects I have in mind.

I was also thinking up some ideas this morning or maybe the other morning.. about things my body could mimic for a vaudeville type act.. like what to my feet look like? I used to play with the shadows of my wrist and hand, which can be made to look like a giant spider.. My butt looks like two cloves of garlic in the bulb.. that sort of thing.

The bigger issue.. I think? haha! and ugh.. is I didn't feel like I had an automatic place to sit and write out any of those ideas. I just don't have what some systems call an inbox.. a place to dump all my new ideas. Well.. hmm.. I'm writing here all the time. I feel like I could just jot down things on blank pages, they call them in the app that I'm using right now. I jot down songs and stuff in Google Keep, as well. There, I could even write a bit by hand if that feels useful.