practice.. 2023 Oct 28 Sat.. jam session

   ☒ practice 
   ☒ portfolio 
   ☒ participate 
   ☐ learn 
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   ☒ renew 
   ☐ sustain 
   ☐ explore 
   ☐ play 

10am.. jam session

This was fun. I got there late after breakfast at Deka Guy Hee.. the restaurant at the Shoshone Rose Casino. One of the guys showed us a song called Ashokan Farewell that I added to my practicing list. Nothing else really stood out until the end when I got to talk a little about how life is sort of an engineering project for me a lot of the time.

afternoon.. hang with Ken

I watched Ken work.. haha! We ended up grabbing lunch at The Rusty Truck here in town. When we got back we started a puzzle by sorting out the edge pieces and turning most of the pieces right side up. Now we're just chilling watching movies.

evening.. portfolio stuff..

I'm playing around with some of the songs I have been thinking about. I'm adding them to the little song book thing in this app I found a while ago. To bring stuff to jam sessions, I'll want to know the chord progressions so others can play along with me. For songs I hear about at jam sessions, there are already chord charts floating around. It's hard picking a song I want to learn. I don't know why? It feels related to the wasting time on efforts that won't mean much later.. hmm.. silly!