practice.. 2023 Oct 20 Fri.. open mic!

   ☒ practice 
   ☒ portfolio 
   ☒ participate 
   ☐ learn 
   ☒ connect 
   ☐ renew 
   ☐ sustain 
   ☒ explore 
   ☒ play 

morning.. writing

Ken and I headed to McD's for breakfast and when we got back, I started writing a document I talked about starting on Oct 17.. a want ad for an all terrain version of the rolling wheels. Right now, it's posted as a page on my wandering blog though I might move it around to places where I can control the look and feel a little better. Here's what I have so far.. WANTED!

6pm.. open mic

The Literary Rug People are doing an open mic night the first and third Fridays and tonight was the first run! It was pretty cool! A couple of us ended up going twice to fill out the time. I told the vampire butt story, the Johnny Deer story, and the second round I rambled on about finding music then played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the harmonica.