practice.. 2023 Nov 11 Sat.. fun busy day

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10am.. jam session

This was just a usual jam session. i had breakfast on the way in at the casino in Lander. I played and even sang a little bit at the jam session. I didn't try any of my own ideas.. I just kept passing my turn to the next guy. It was a lovely morning.

noon.. hanging a bit

I tried to hand out with Henry. It didn't last long before he got called away on other stuff. No worries.. I ended up at the gym with a good 10 minutes on a bike and another 10 minutes on the rowing machine. That was cool, too. I weighed in and I'm still right there between 210 and 215 on that scale. I'm a little surprised it hasn't gone up. I'm not doing all that much to make it go down, so that wasn't a shock.

afternoon.. adventures with Ken

We didn't do anything too extraordinary. We tried a Mexican place here in Riverton called Luna. It was pretty good food. Then we went to the casino and played a good while. I ran out of money pretty quick, which often means Ken does well.. sort of.. haha! Anyway, they had this slot tournament going so we stayed a bit longer than normal. I ended up getting to play one round. We came back for the awards announcements and yeah.. Ken played and shot right up so we stayed around longer again. Normally, I don't say much about all this.. I just ended up walking a lot more today than I have in a very long while.