practice.. 2023 Jun 30 Fri.. renewal day!

all day!
This is another area which really got overlooked when I was writing 1000 words a day without exception.. though I did allow myself the occasional copy and paste entry.. still.. I felt guilty every time. Today I have been reconnecting with music I really love. I'm listening to the Lone Ranger theme by Hans Zimmer from the movie a while back while I write here tonight. It's great! I've found some ideas for songs I'd like to play along with. I have this idea around playing and singing my own melodies related to maybe a Yanni piece, them never actually use the backing track. I would just record more layers on the first one that I got from listening to the track by Yanni or whoever. Anyway.. I didn't realize I needed this time to just chill with my thoughts and hide from the loud busy world for a day. I'm inspired for more music tomorrow at the Lander jam session.

The next song is a favorite.. Actions Speak Louder from the musical Tick Tick BOOM! This has the feeling I've had about only writing as my practice each day.. a line repeats.. Actions Speak Louder Than Words.. and these last 10 days of this experiment with a new daily practice has helped me see and feel free to do so many other things each day. I still consider what to do each day as the practice mission each day. It's good. It's a progression that was ready to jump into.