practice.. 2023 Jun 20 Tue

around noon

I'm starting today as my first new practice session. For the last four years, almost, I've been writing 1000 words a day in the style of Julia Cameron's morning pages concept. It was definitely modified as I allowed typing and all sorts of other little adjustments. These were not always or even often finished in the morning and yeah.. it was a good time and the daily practice got me through some really tough times. I even credit the practice for my finding myself again after my divorce and the practice helped me pull myself out of a self banishment situation where I was just hiding from the world.

A couple things have come up recently.. The writing has sometimes become just about meeting that very specific goal.. 1000 word entries. I have been on the road and found little time to write, so I just pasted in blah blah blah for most of the words one day. On another day, I was the featured teller at the regular monthly Story Swap event put on by the South Sound Story Guild and used the cleaned up transcript of my stories that night as my entry for that day. It made me realize I don't need to keep converting everything to text. I am also playing harmonica, creating posters and banners for the Story Guild events, and the stories I like to practice and tell are oral. The cleaning up of the transcript changed the wording because speaking has a lot of clutter that looks ridiculous as printed material.

All that said, I'm writing this first entry today in the Blogger system and the practice! blog is going to start growing.. daily, like the journal did.. with all sorts of projects. Even if I just play the harmonica for a half hour or create the banner for a Facebook event like today, I'll post something fun and new here.

Today, it's just me updating the Stories in the Park event poster to resize it for the matching Facebook event. Here's what I came up with..

Cool! right?

7pm.. Literary Rug

I'm adding on! I told stories tonight!

YouTube.. 2023 Jun 20 Mitch @ Literary Rug in Lander WY

8pm.. writing prompt after Literary Rug

We're writing at this moment about the art displayed here at the Lander Art Center by a man named Gregory Duncan. He paint abstract expression works.. mostly landscapes. I really enjoy his work. It reminds me of my first impressions many years ago when I first was exploring this area. It really reminds me, the way he is so chaotic in places, of the great forces that brought sea level land over two miles into the sky. It wasn't over, even then. Over the years, snow has come and melted and seeped into cracks where it froze and broke the rock down. Now there are places where it looks like the mountains are just massive piles of giant gravel.

 Here are two of his paintings, one with a famous Thoreau quote..

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." A little research showed me that's more than he actually said.. haha!