practice.. 2023 Jun 23 Fri.. ode-ious vampire..

around noon..

Today was a fun one.. I tried to layer recordings on top of each other. It didn't come out well, but I learned some and got some ideas for next time. Here's the final audio only version:

lyrics: Mitch Nelson
music: Beethoven

ode-ious vampire

Long ago and far away
Down in the land of Idaho
A boy was born in perfect form
With legs and arms and face and nose.
He was boring! No story had he!
Nobody cares what paths he chose.
Then one day this all would change
Hear now this counting of his woes!

All alone he stole away
Beleaguered by the stress of life.
Wilderness and forest called him.
Fresh air made him almost high.
Evening fell and in a valley
He set up a camp to sleep.
Then he rested there alone and
Watched the shadows shift and creep.

Way up on the mount above him
Through the darkening hazy air
Near the top he spied a cave and
Wondered what was living there.
Now intrigued he picked a path and
Planned to see the cave at dawn.
Little did he know his plan would
Never happen as it was drawn.

In the night he woke up startled
Vampire fangs had pierced his thumbs
Hands and arms were shrinking and he
Felt immobilized and numb.
Then somehow he broke the trance and
Knew this was his only chance.
But when he went to punch the vampire,
His fiercest blow was just a glance.

Just a Mitch slap to his nose the
Vampire barely felt a breeze.
Then the vampire's body straightened
Building an enormous sneeze!
Weight now shifted! Mitch was free!
He tried crawling out of the tent.
Arms now shrunken, nothing working,
Hopes were dashed and down he went!

Strange and terrible was this moment!
I could never make this up!
Sneezing vampire couldn't stop it.
Mitch was down, but his butt faced up.
So the fangs landed in soft flesh,
Sneezing all that blood back in.
Mitch's life now changed forever,
He really thought this was the end!

Suddenly he realizes
He was in the tent alone!
Wretching at how dinner tasted
Out the flap a bat had flown.
That left Mitch alone to ponder
What am I supposed to do?
Tiny hands and giant yonder!
Aren't you glad it was him, not you!