practice.. 2023 Jun 28 Wed.. homework and jam session

11am.. breakfast
noon.. homework
I started out looking into the different ways I could record more than one track on the computer and the phone. I got out my headphones and then people started moving around and the air conditioner kept going on and off, as it does, so here in my bedroom it didn't really work like I thought. I turned instead to other homework. I discovered a new harmonica player.. Indiara Sfair.. a woman who speaks Portuguese and is from Brazil. I'm listening to her again now, as I write. I like it. I have discovered a lot of new skills. I feel like I haven't even been trying.. haha!

6pm.. dinner then jam session
I have been working, however, and my skills are growing. I was just thinking how the daily writing practice didn't consider the work I did at open mics and now at jam sessions as anything constructive. It was, I'm just saying I would only feel accomplished if I wrote 1000 words each day. They often did exactly what I'm doing here.. pulling together all the stuff I'm thinking about and working on generally. In the end, though, the writing wasn't what built the skill, it was showing up at the practice sessions. I'm not saying I wasted my time or anything like that. I loved that practice and it helped me pull myself out of lots of different thought patterns that had been holding me back. I'm still here tonight writing long form with some of the thinking that I still need to get out. Anyway.. that was the day. I'm not actually writing as much as I did then. I'm heading to bed feeling accomplished for showing up again at the jam session. It is helping and that's my main point. haha!

Another way it helps is just in the relationships and conversations I get into. My friend Tim and I are thinking about a lapel mic clipped to the harmonica frame I wear around my neck. I saw more expensive solutions and I think this might just be a good starting point. If Tim doesn't have one, it will be pretty cheap to get myself set up. yup! yay!