practice.. 2023 Jun 24 Sat.. jam session

 10am.. jam session

I tried the new notes chart reminders that I created earlier. They work pretty good. As always, I see another little gap in my skills that I can fill.. I got some nice sounding chords in when I was playing along in the 3rd position to get some minor sounding notes in. It turns out the solo isn't so easy with the minor key. I didn't know what all to jump around with and yeah.. a gap I can fill. It's similar to remembering to play in second position, as well. I don't feel confident playing solos there, either. It's all good. I'm thinking also that notes are not exactly where I need to be focusing. I hear chords being called out all the time and the work on the chart this week will be about finding which chords I can play on the various keyed harmonicas I have.