practice.. 2023 Dec 5 Tue.. almost literary rug

all day.. still sick

I tried to get myself up and moving for Literary Rug. Taco Bell seemed to help, then on the road out of town, my head was hurting and I felt bad about possibly giving the cold to anyone else. I turned around and came home.

8pm.. watched comedy workshop

Up in Olympia, Rhythms Coffee hosted a comedy and storytelling workshop tonight. I caught the live stream and it all gave me another kick in the butt to create more often.

10pm.. morning thing?

I'm thinking about another streak thing. I was writing 1000 words a day for like 4 years. I tried switching to this blog a day format. I'm not keeping up with it. I'm not posting any new material. On the other hand, I'm getting up and out to breakfast every day, and I'm playing a few games every day while I eat. I still want to use the blog space. Maybe it will just be shorter entries about what's coming up each day. That feels useful. I still like the idea of some type of reporting how the day went, as well. I might be thinking about sections.. planning then reporting. There's also this concept of bullet journaling, where I write about just the next thing at a time. I could experiment with just a morning or single day version of that. After playing my games, I write a paragraph about what else I'm thinking of doing each day. Maybe before that, I would finish yesterday's blog entry with a review of the day before. I'll try to remember with two new sections.. coming up and how it went. Maybe I'll be so excited to try it that I write first thing each day.. before breakfast? hmm..