practice.. 2023 Dec 20 Wed

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I was up late catching up on the funny little daily report things. I'm still not sure what I'm doing with them on what they're for. A lot of it is just to prove to some future depressed self that I'm not a loser.. to remind myself that I'm in the middle of something I might not remember.. to build trust that I am always doing the next best thing. It doesn't need to exist. At some point I'll just know that the path I took is always the only one I could have taken.

jam session

I don't usually write much about how the jam sessions go. Even this one wasn't very different. I think I'm finally just feeling intentional about them. I'm starting to gather some songs that I want to work on with other musicians. Now to keep up with the song book. I look for a chord chart. I look for a key. I look for a video or audio to play along with. woot! go! I don't need to talk about it.