practice.. 2023 Dec 29 Fri

what's up

✅ get title fixed

how it went

I got the title all fixed up like the voicemail asked me to. I had the "write again" thought below on the drive home. I played some Beat Saber on the virtual reality gizmo for a good 20-30 minutes. Then I wrote it out to see what I thought.

write again?

okay.. What if I start writing my 1000 words again, but now, they can't be about me? They can be stories or songs or poems.. They can't be about how my day went. I'll also keep the minimal blog entries about how the day and practices are going. Those words will be separate.. not part of the daily 1000. Equivalent time in other practices Yes! How will it all work and look? I don't know. Maybe I build it right here, first. Maybe I stop talking about stuff and stop building systems, and instead just do stuff. hmm.. What would that look like?

bleh.. Maybe I just need to clean up my morning routine and tag on some creation or creative missions, even some actual practice time like singing or on the harmonica and piano? My physical activity missions are pretty weak lately, as well. I might just be saying I could work on all that a little harder.