practice.. 2023 Oct 9 Mon.. new thing!

   ☐ practice
   ☐ portfolio
   ☐ participate 
   ☒ learn
   ☐ connect 
   ☒ renew 
   ☒ sustain
   ☐ explore 
   ☒ play

7am.. breakfast and Les Schwab

I woke up early after sleeping pretty early last night. I got my battery replaced and the wipers on the front replaced, as well.


This afternoon, I decided to update all the past few days of these practice blog entries. I'm deciding to write them all in this little app I have been trying out. I caught it all up and who knows what I'll write up next about the rest of the day. In the app, I'm checking off the daily practices I accomplished today. I did that for the few days in the app. I'm thinking of a way to transfer a view of the checklist to the blog.

evening.. play!

I purchased a song pack from Linkin' Park for this virtual reality game called Beat Saber a few days ago and I finally played it.. a lot.. tonight! It's a decent physical activity mission even. I watched a couple of people from Olympia at the open mic at Rhythms as well. It didn't last long.. haha! Mostly I just played my game. That's enough.. haha!