practice.. 2023 Oct 17 Tue.. literary rug!

   ☒ practice 
   ☐ portfolio 
   ☒ participate 
   ☒ learn 
   ☒ connect 
   ☒ renew 
   ☐ sustain 
   ☐ explore 
   ☒ play 

7pm.. literary rug!

This was a really fun night! I told my Thelma Crowell story and started with a little talk about cisableism as I'm making it all up. After the event, we chatted at the Lander Bar. I parked a little too far away and when I stopped to rest, I told Korey and Alex about my idea for my new more all-terrain rolling wheels. I'm inspired to start a "want ad" type post on my various social media accounts that starts listing specs and asks for networking help.