BB Wolff: the whole story

Ever come across a guy that everyone is scared of? That has this reputation for being tough and almost, well, mean? But then, when you got to know him, when you become his close friend, you realized he's a huge teddy bear, with the biggest heart inside you've ever known?

That's my friend, Big Bad Wolff. BB for short, but we all call him Bubba now. Bubba is a friend first, a friend to the forest, a friend to the animals, a friend to the people. He'll defend and take care of any one of you in a heartbeat.

But what's his story? How did he come to save our little piece of the forest and become one of those guys we can call on and he'll be there every time? Honestly? It all started with his name... Big Bad. It was his mothers idea. You ever hear that old song "A Boy Named Sue"? It was meant to be like that. Bubba's mom thought a name like Big Bad would help him in the wolf culture he was raised in.

It did work -- a little too well. He was in fights constantly growing up. A long, long line of wolves came after him in the neighborhood, at school, on the playground, everywhere!

"Big Bad?" they'd say, "Let's see how big and bad you are!!!"

Thankfully, he was usually physically up to the challenge. He eventually fought his way to the top or near the top of all his social groups. He learned early on that he didn't always have to earn respect with a fight. Eventually, though, he realized the wolf culture was all about the raw, physical fight for superiority. That's when he left.

He wandered for some time. Eventually, he found this little part of the forest. The people seemed much nicer to each other than the wolves. He decided to settle himself there and start building a life for himself.