lady and the doctor

The Old Lady and the Physician 
from a collection of Aesop's Fables I found on the internet sometime in 2019.

2020.04.27.. me as the patient.

This time I told the story as the patient. I'm thinking I'll be other characters in the story, someday, as well. I'm wondering even who else could have witnessed any of this. Being the doctor will be interesting. I'm wondering what he or she was thinking while stealing all the stuff.

2020.04.03.. First try.. pretty much as I found it a year ago.

Here's a little story I'm working on. I start by retelling the story as I remember it after finding it last year sometime. I like the general tone of the story and the twist at the end. What do you think about the story? Any suggestions for weird twists and other ways of telling it?

I'm going to eventually get this into first person. Future versions may include me as the doctor, me as the patient, and me as a judge in the case the doctor brings when he doesn't get paid. I think I'll just update this post as I add those all into the mix and try them all out.